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Author. Coach. PR. Developmental Editor

I’m Elaine Harrison, an Author Coach and PR… I specialise in taking authors from being Stuck to being Super Successful.

I have 37 years’ of experience working in the media and 20 years’ experience as a coach.

SUCCESS means different things to different people. I have helped people:

  • Secure lucrative publishing deals
  • Gain National Press coverage (in one case resulting in a book selling out and going to reprint)
  • Self Publish
  • Take their book from idea to finished manuscript
  • Write legacy stories
  • And much more…

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What I Do

I help people share their story

I help people share their story – from concept to finished product and beyond.

Get in touch to find out how I can help YOU.

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What My Clients Say

"Elaine is a Godsend if you are looking to craft a masterpiece of a book. She is a gifted writer and coach and can help you refine your message for your audience. Working with Elaine on a regular basis gave me the energy and stamina to get my book finished. She is gifted and easy to work with. A must for anyone who wants to bring their book out of themselves and hold themselves accountable whilst doing it." 

Kitty Waters

Founder ATL European Alliance, Coach, Speaker, Mentor

"Elaine connected me with a journalist whom I helped write an article for the Daily Mail, one of our national newspapers. Elaine is good. Really, really good. She knows the market and all the people and publications. She has an uncanny knack and works hard at it. I have a lot of respect for her and that is saying something. "

Alison Chester-Lambert M.A.

Astrologer and Astro-Psychologist

“I love working with Elaine. Not only is she fabulous at PR, media, personal development and an amazing developmental editor, she is the best at holding space for creating ideas. There is no wasting time or energy, within a few minutes of brainstorming with Elaine, I always have a list of actionable steps I can take to get me message out there. I always come away from the call feeling lighter, happier and back to being capable of moving forward."

Kay Newton

Midlife Strategies

“Elaine has been brilliant in promoting my book. She has got me a number of magazine articles, a radio interview on the BBC and even into a national newspaper, which led to my book rocketing up the Amazon charts. She understood the audience for my book and targeted the marketing perfectly. Highly recommended.”

Sally J. Duffell

Author of Grow Your Own HRT

“I met Elaine online during the lockdown and I warmed immediately to her style and enthusiasm. When she offered me a 'Successful Author' Call, I jumped at the chance to see how she could help me to promote my book and develop my writing further. Having just had the call, I now have a page full of genius ideas to implement. If you're serious about bringing your book to life, I highly recommend that you speak to Elaine, right now!”

Louise Jenner

The Dream Job Coach

“Elaine, thank you so much for being with me on this journey. As I rewrite part three, I see so clearly that nothing of what I was trying to say, or the depths of my feelings were included. Had I just gone to an Editor, they might have just edited the book and I wouldn’t have had the chance to do this, to fix it and tell it exactly as it was. I’m so grateful to be writing it again in my current state of peace. I appreciate you so much.”

Suzanne Selvester

Writer, Coach and Inspirational Speaker

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